Course Descriptions
2023-2024 School Year

ASL1150  American Sign Language 2  4.0   P
Continues the introduction to American Sign Language begun in ASL1140. The course will develop further ASL vocabulary, expose students to increasingly complex grammatical constructions, teach inflectional usage, and continue the introduction to deaf culture. Instruction will emphasize continued development of both expressive and receptive skills.... Full Description

ASL2160  American Sign Language 3  4.0   P
Continues the study of American Sign Language with emphasis on developing intermediate conversation skills and flexibility of communication. The course provides additional ASL vocabulary development and signing concepts, and complex elements of grammar are introduced. Idiomatic signs and continued development of intermediate expressive and receptive skills are emphasized. All students are expected to work within a voice-off classroom environment.... Full Description

ASL1140  American Sign Language 1  4.0   P
This course introduces students to the basic components of American Sign Language as used in the deaf community as well as to various manual communication systems and philosophies. The course will give an overview of sign language through general discussion of ASL structure and its use in society today. Instruction will focus on building a basic vocabulary and the communicative skills necessary for elementary interactions with deaf or hearing-impaired people who use ASL.... Full Description

ASL2200  American Sign Language 4  4.0   P
This course completes the intermediate study of American Sign Language with continued emphasis on developing flexible and fluent communication skills. Vocabulary is expanded through introduction of various content areas dealing with current events, fields of employment, health care, and other specific topics. An introduction to the linguistics and history of ASL is also included. All students are expected to work within a "voice-off" classroom environment.... Full Description

ASL2510  Deaf Culture  3.0   P
This class introduces students to the various aspects of the deaf community as a linguistic and cultural group. Designed for students who may or may not have had prior experience with deaf individuals. This course raises questions concerning the nature of the sign language and its varieties internationally, education of the deaf, historical treatment of deaf people, sociological and cultural issues related to the deaf community, and political activism associated with the rights of the deaf community.... Full Description