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All Course Information - Summer 2023


Total Fees

(In State) 427.08
(Out of State) 1531.60
Credit Hours 4.0
Lab Fee 
This course presents an in-depth aspects and considerations of standard Nuclear Medicine diagnostic procedures. Each methodology course includes an overview of anatomy and physiology pertinent to Nuclear Medicine clinical studies. The student's knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and chemistry is expected from the prerequisite courses. This prior information along with some common pathology/pathophysiology will be emphasized and integrated with required technological principles. Course includes discussion and reviews of body landmarks, system's and/or organ's structure, function, components, body relationships; values and interrelationships of each one to another. Introduces basic study of significant pathology, including various terminology and definitions; major disease types/classes, briefly described; specific examples of general disease types and identification of specific diseases and disorders studied in clinical Nuclear Medicine.
No sections for this course offered in the current term.