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All Course Information - Summer 2024


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(In State) 320.31
(Out of State) 1148.70
Credit Hours 3.0
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This course is an introductory survey of religion in the United States, including the religions present before and during the European colonial period - Native American Religions; European Colonial Religions; "Traditional" Christianity (Protestantism, Catholicism, and Eastern Orthodoxy); Slave and African-American Religions; Judaism; Latinx-Hispanic Religions; Recent Immigrant Religions; and/or New American Religions. It draws from textual, archaeological, art-historical and artistic, anthropological, and digital sources to examine the histories, doctrines, and practices of American religious cultures. This course also explores themes shared across American religions. Finally, it highlights the role religion has played in forming, maintaining, and changing the social, economic, and political structures of the United States, especially as they relate to the concept of religious freedom laid out in the U.S. Constitution.
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      Session    Meeting Dates: 2024-05-13-2024-08-06
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