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All Course Information - Spring 2024


Total Fees

(In State) 320.31
(Out of State) 1148.70
Credit Hours 3.0
Lab Fee 
Interpersonal Communication introduces students to the theories and practice of one-to-one (dyadic) interpersonal communication, both face-to-face and mediated (through digital, mobile, and internet technology), as well as interpersonal communication between people across cultural and national borders. Upon successful completion of the course, students are expected to understand basic interpersonal communication theories and concepts, to analyze and evaluate interpersonal communication processes, to identify cultural factors and communication barriers, and to be able to apply communication strategies to various everyday situations, including relationship maintenance and conflict resolution.
Ref# Sect Instructor Days Time Campus
      Session    Meeting Dates: 2024-01-08-2024-04-27
01113 001 REN-KAPLAN LI .T..... 09:00:00-10:40:00 NW P-165 GW
01117 002 REN-KAPLAN LI .T..... 11:00:00-12:40:00 NW P-165 GW
01121 0T1 BISHOP SHEILA ..W.F.. 09:30:00-10:45:00 DBC DA-121 GW