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All Course Information - Spring 2024

SPN1121    SPANISH 2

Total Fees

(In State) 427.08
(Out of State) 1531.60
Credit Hours 4.0
Lab Fee 
Spanish 2 continues the introduction begun in Spanish 1 to the Spanish language and the culture of Spanish speaking countries. This course is designed for students who have had an introduction to Spanish but have not completed their language requirement or who want to increase their Spanish proficiency. The content of this course is designed to strengthen the student's ability to communicate in the target language. Cultural readings, videos, class discussions, and a variety of activities will be used to help the student improve speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. The Spanish language will be presented within the context of contemporary Hispanic culture.
Ref# Sect Instructor Days Time Campus
      Session    Meeting Dates: 2024-01-08-2024-04-27
01300 001 CRUZ-ANZOLA KARLA M.W.... 15:30:00-16:45:00 NW A-246 GW
01313 002 CRUZ-ANZOLA KARLA .T.H... 15:30:00-16:45:00 NW A-224 GW
01314 0K1 SAMPEDRO JAVIER M.W.... 09:00:00-10:15:00 KWC KB-104 GW
01315 0M1 MICHEL MATT ....... WEB *COMP GW
      Session  B  Meeting Dates: 2024-03-11-2024-04-27
01316 BM1 JONES KAREN ....... WEB *COMP GW