Course Descriptions
2023-2024 School Year

ISS2270  Multicultural Communications  3.0   P
This course aims to increase student understanding of issues involved when individuals from different cultural or national backgrounds attempt to relate and communicate with each other. The aim is to help students acquire new skills and understandings when cultures clash, to shed light on attitudes that are disruptive or constructive in multicultural settings, and to help students acquire knowledge about cultures, ethnic groups, and minorities and their view of the world.... Full Description

ANT2905  Individual Study: Anthropology     P
The purpose of an individual study is to assist the student in pursuing special academic interests in greater depth than is possible in existing courses.... Full Description

ANT2930  Special Topics: Anthropology     P
A focus on special problems, current issues or trends. Course content and subject are variable.... Full Description

ANT2301  Human Sexuality and Culture  3.0   P
Human Sexuality and Culture entails a study of human sexuality with a multicultural, biosocial, anthropological perspective. Emphasis is placed on the fact that human sexuality is not only intimately related to human biology but that it is embedded in the socio-cultural fabric of human societies. Central themes will be to understand diversity in human sexuality, critical thinking about sexual attitudes and beliefs, and issues concerning sexual health in our community, our nation, and worldwide.... Full Description

ANT2410  Cultural Anthropology  3.0   P
This is an introduction to cultural anthropology which seeks to understand why people throughout the world today and in the past differ in their customary ways of thinking and behaving. Students will learn how subsistence patterns, reproductive strategies, marriage customs, kinship organization, political and economic systems, religion, art, and music differ in contemporary kinship-based, state-level, and global societies. Students will also study why cultures develop and change.... Full Description

ANT1920  Group Study: Anthropology     P
Specialized Group Study - course content and subject are variable. Offered to supplement existing credit courses in the anthropology curriculum.... Full Description

ANT2000  General Anthropology  3.0   P
This is an introduction to general anthropology and its major subfields, including archaeology, linguistics, cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and applied anthropology. The history of anthropology will be discussed as well as the contributions of major anthropologists and their approaches to the discipline.... Full Description

ANT2511  Human Origins  3.0   P
This is an introduction to biological anthropology, which includes the study of human biological diversity, human evolution, osteology, and the study of non-human primates. As a writing intensive course, ANT2511 will allow students to explore the subject through a variety of college-level writing exercises that may include essay exams, book reviews, research papers, reaction papers, research proposals, research designs, excavation logs, field notes, annotated bibliographies, and other discipline specific writing. The primary General Education learning outcome for this class is Information Literacy: Collect, verify, document, and organize information from a variety of sources.... Full Description