Course Descriptions
2022-2023 School Year

SYG1920  Group Study: Sociology     P
Specialized Group Study course content and subject are variable. Offered to supplement existing sociology curriculum.... Full Description

SYG2323  Introduction to Criminology  3.0   P
This introduction to criminology course introduces students to the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior from both national and international perspectives. This course will develop student knowledge of the research process and methodology used by criminologists to measure crime data. Multiple theoretical perspectives from the social sciences will be explored to analyze criminal behavior with an emphasis on sociological perspectives. In addition to general education credit, this is a writing intensive course that allows students to explore the subject through a variety of college-level writing exercises that may include essay exams, book reviews, research papers, reaction papers, research proposals, research designs, annotated bibl Full Description

SYG2905  Individual Study: Sociology     P
An opportunity for the student to pursue special academic interests in greater depth than is possible in existing courses.... Full Description

SYG2000  Principles of Sociology  3.0   P
This course provides an introduction the scientific study of society. It will examine the connection between social structures, social institutions, social forces, and human behavior. Throughout the course, the different sociological perspectives and research methods are emphasized, and sociological principles will be applied to social life. As a writing intensive class, this course will require students to write about sociological topics through a number of different college-level writing assignments, including research papers, position papers, analysis papers, and critiques. Students are expected to demonstrate not only their knowledge of the subject matter through these written assignments, but also competence in English composition, sp Full Description

SYG2010  Social Problems  3.0   P
This course will acquaint students with the sociological study of social problems. Criteria for defining, perspectives for viewing, methods for researching, frameworks for analyzing and strategies for solving social problems will be presented. A variety of social problems will be examined in terms of prevalence, cause, effect, and prevention. Social problems will be explored 1) in Western and non-Western cultures, 2) among historically marginalized cultures within the U.S., and 3) on a global, national, regional scale. Topics may include, but are not limited to poverty, gender stratification, racism, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and health care access.... Full Description

SYG2430  Marriage and the Family  3.0   P
The primary purpose of this course is to study marriage, family, and intimate relationships, utilizing the sociological perspective. The course will offer an understanding of the similarities and differences in the marriage and family experience 1) in Western and non-Western cultures, 2) among historically marginalized cultures within the U.S., and 3) on a global, national, and regional scale. Particular emphasis will be given to the history of families, different forms of family, gender roles, mate selection, forming relationships, parenting, family and work, family violence, divorce an remarriage.... Full Description

SYG2930  Special Topics: Sociology     P
A focus on special problems, current issues or trends. Course content and subject are variable.... Full Description