Course Descriptions
2022-2023 School Year

CVT1120  Cardiovascular Patient Care  2.0   O
This course is an overview of essential Patient care concepts needed to be successful in the cardiovascular health field. It will consist of online classroom and classroom components. The breakdown of each course is listed on syllabus attachments.... Full Description

CVT1261  Cardiovascular Anatomy & Physiology  2.0   O
This course is divided into four units: normal cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, embryology, congenital heart disease, and acquired cardiac and vascular diseases. The essentials of diagnosis and treatment are incorporated in these units.... Full Description

CVT1500  Cardiovascular Electrocardiography  2.0   O
Students will study electrophysiologic principles, identify normal and abnormal rhythms, learn components of the ECG complex and action potential curve, discuss lead placement, and paced rhythms. *Objectives: electrophysiology principles, 12 lead ECG, rhythm interpretation, pace rhythms, and correlate arrhythmia to cardiac pathology.... Full Description

CVT1610  Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation  2.0   O
This course defines the principles of ultrasound physics and relates them to their practical use in diagnostic ultrasound. Additionally, hemodynamic concerns of blood flow will be considered.... Full Description

CVT2320L  Vascular Ultrasound 1 Lab  1.0   O
During this laboratory training, the student gains skills in the use of fundamental ultrasonic equipment designed to detect blood flow in peripheral arteries.... Full Description

CVT2321L  Vascular Ultrasound 2 Lab  1.0   O
Provides a laboratory environment for the student to work with vascular ultrasound equipment in order to develop the skills necessary to perform vascular ultrasound studies.... Full Description

CVT2420  Invasive Cardiology 1  4.0   O
This course serves as an introduction to the cardiac catheterization laboratory with an emphasis placed on basic cardiac cath lab protocols, theory and application of angiographic procedures, and the concept of sterile technique.... Full Description

CVT2421  Invasive Cardiology 2  4.0   O
This course continues to familiarize the student with various procedures and techniques related to invasive cardiology. Emphasis is placed on the hemodynamic aspects of diagnostic cardiac catheterization as well as information related to the new interventional techniques utilized in the cath lab. Assessment of the EKG patterns related to arrhythmias and infarction/ischemia is also included in this course.... Full Description

CVT2620  Cardiac Ultrasound 1  3.0   O
This first course in non-invasive cardiology highlights the theory, rationale, application, performance and interpretation of the following modalities: auscultation, normal and abnormal heart sounds, exercise treadmill testing, two-dimensional echocardiography, M-mode, color-flow imaging and spectral doppler, 3-D echocardiography, and intracardiac and intravascular ultrasound.... Full Description

CVT2621  Cardiac Ultrasound 2  4.0   O
This companion course to CVT2620 presents an in-depth view of the diagnosis of common cardiac and vascular disease states. Instruction is provided in the application of theory, techniques, and interpretation of two-dimensional echocardiography, M-mode, color-flow imaging, and pulsed and continuous wave doppler. Advanced techniques in echocardiography are also discussed, such as stress and pharmacologic echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography and contrast echocardiography.... Full Description

CVT2800  Cardiovascular Pre-Practicum  1.0   O
Designed to prepare the student for entry into clinical practicum, this course consists of a series of lectures and lab activities relevant to the fields of cardiovascular technology. Topics include patient care, a review of clinical skills, interpersonal and professional behaviors, IV therapy, HIP PA, OSHA, ACLS certification and employability skills.... Full Description

CVT2840  Cardiovascular Practicum 1  8.0   O
Clinical experience is provided in a clinical specialty of the student's choice. The student is scheduled for clinical rotations in our affiliated hospitals throughout the Southeast. During each rotation cycle, the student receives extensive hands-on experience and observation utilizing equipment, performing all tests and providing patient care.... Full Description

CVT2931  Capstone 2  2.0   O
This course offers a more comprehensive interpretation of case studies with which the students are involved in clinical practicum through presentation of research projects. Students will demonstrate the mastery of knowledge related to tasks required of them as they work toward program completion in preparation to enter the cardiovascular profession through completion of online testing and participation in discussion forums.... Full Description

CVT2420L  Invasive Cardiology 1 Lab  2.0   O
This lab course introduces the cardiac catheterization laboratory with an emphasis on basic cath lab protocols, theory and application of angiographic procedures, and sterile technique.... Full Description

CVT1200  Pharmacology  2.0   O
Concerned with the concepts and principles of pharmacokinetics and drug administration. Cardiovascular and pulmonary pharmacological agents are emphasized.... Full Description

CVT2321  Vascular Ultrasound 2  4.0   O
This course introduces the characteristics of abnormalities in blood flow. Disease states, etiologies and treatments are explored. Testing modalities used to diagnose vascular diseases in the extremities and abdomen are presented.... Full Description

CVT1120L  Cardiovascular Patient Care Lab  1.0   O
This lab is designed to help the student physically apply the knowledge and concepts learned in the patient care class through hands on training and patient scenarios.... Full Description

CVT2320  Vascular Ultrasound 1  3.0   O
Introduction to the assessment of the flow to the peripheral vascular system, neck and head. The student develops the skills necessary to perform diagnostic ultrasound studies for presentation to the physician. The student reviews the physics and instrumentation of Doppler ultrasound; learns normal hemodynamics and hemodynamics present in disease states; and learns protocols and diagnostic criteria related to cerebrovascular testing.... Full Description

CVT2421L  Invasive Cardiology 2 Lab  2.0   O
This laboratory course continues exploration of cardiac catheterization laboratory protocols and procedures. Emphasis is placed on hemodynamics, interventional techniques, and advanced ECG interpretation.... Full Description

CVT2620L  Cardiac Ultrasound 1 Lab  1.0   O
This laboratory course introduces the student to non-invasive cardiology by hands-on experience with modalities discussed in CVT2620.... Full Description

CVT2621L  Cardiac Ultrasound 2 Lab  1.0   O
This laboratory course allows the student to apply the techniques and interpretation modalities in echocardiography as it relates to the cardiac abnormalities taught in CVT2621.... Full Description

CVT2841  Cardiovascular Practicum 2  8.0   O
The student continues clinical rotations becoming proficient with the skills in the selected clinical specialty. Preparation for the appropriate national certification examination is included.... Full Description

CVT2930  Capstone 1  2.0   O
This course is designed for students to integrate their academic knowledge with case studies observed in clinical practicum. This will prepare students for task-oriented testing. Students will demonstrate this knowledge by presenting ongoing research projects using audiovisual support, taking online assessments and participating in discussion forums.... Full Description

CVT2511  Radiation Safety  2.0   O
This course will include the fundamentals of x-ray production and the specifications of the x-ray tube and equipment, the interaction of ionizing radiation with biological systems, early and late effects of radiation exposure, with the principles of radiation protection. Additional topics covered will include the image intensification, digital technology with quality control of the latent image.... Full Description

CVT1270  Cardiovascular Pathophysiology  3.0   O
This course covers pathophysiologic concepts and interventions for patients with structural heart, coronary vessel and vascular disease and disorders. The pathology of physiologic function is detailed. Associated pathophysiology is covered in each disease presentation and includes diagnostic examinations, symptoms, sequela, associated laboratory tests and potential surgical and palliative measures. This course is designed to broaden the technologistís understanding of pathophysiology by exploring causes, alterations and physiology adaptations, manifestations, and resolution of disease states. This course is structured to furnish the student with the dynamic aspects of disease processes.... Full Description

CVT2425C  Advanced Cardiovascular Procedures  3.0   O
This course will provide invasive cardiology specialty students with an advanced knowledge in cardiovascular invasive procedures such as cardiac pacemakers, implantable cardiac defibrillators, electrophysiology studies and advanced structural heart procedures. Peripheral vascular angiography is also discussed in this course.... Full Description

CVT2920  Cardiovascular Technologist as a Professional  2.0   O
The professional relationship of the cardiovascular technologist to other health professionals and oversight agencies is presented. The institutional, social, and political forces in the field of healthcare are analyzed. Topics also include delivery of healthcare, reimbursement, quality and patient safety, employee relations and healthcare information systems.... Full Description

CVT1616C  Ultrasound Physics 2  2.0   O
The course will focus more on Doppler spectral analysis, color flow Doppler and power Doppler as well as storage display and ultrasound safety. The student will gain a basic level of comfort in setting up the ultrasound system for a basic examination. They will learn to identify and adjust the basic system controls including system set up, image zoom and magnification, and basic measurements. The student will also learn to explain the issue of ultrasound safety and how to limit exposure to the patient. In lab exercises, the student will have hands-on experience in setting the system up, selecting transducers, specific application and properly identifying the various components of the system. The student will practice obtaining, optimizing,. Full Description

CVT2441C  Introduction to Electrophysiology  2.0   O
This course provides instruction in the fundamentals of electrophysiology. The course topics include an introduction to electrophysiology, cardiac anatomy and physiology and an in-depth analysis of normal and abnormal cardiac rhythms. Protocols for pre-procedural, intra-procedural and post-procedural activities and the associated technical skills are discussed and assessed.... Full Description

CVT1200C  Clinical Practice and Therapeutics  3.0   O
This course will focus on all aspects of therapeutic therapy and treatment relating to the cardiovascular system. Students will earn ACLS certification. This course will also focus on the clinical practice and preparation for the Practicum experience.... Full Description