Course Descriptions
2022-2023 School Year

CTS1132  PC Technician  3.0   O
This course covers basic concepts of PC management and small office networking. Concepts covered include basics of computer components, peripheral devices, data storage, networking, printing, mobile devices, security, system management and Windows installation. Students will learn to install and repair system components. This is a lab based, hands-on course. Students will spend time preparing for the CompTIA's A+ Practicum certification exam.... Full Description

CTS2321  Linux Administration  3.0   O
This course teaches how to use the Linux operating system and introduces the CDE, GNOME, and KDAE graphical user interfaces (GUI). An overview of the various distributions of the Linux operating system is provided. The class is for new users of the Linux operating environment. The students will learn fundamental command-line features including file system navigation, changing file permissions, the VI and eMacs text editors, Korn and Bash shell features, and basic network use. GUI features include Application Managers, File Managers, Text Editors, printing, and mail.... Full Description

CIS2352  Ethical Hacking  3.0   O
This course provides the fundamental knowledge necessary for a student to become proficient in understanding the techniques of computer hacking and how to respond to hacking related incidents. In addition, the focus of the course is designed to prepare the student to respond to Zero-day exploits where vendor services such as virus scanning, and intrusion detection are rendered useless. The course will cover the origin and history of hacking examining in detail the techniques used by early hackers. The course will then shift to today's vulnerabilities and concerns to predict and prepare the student for tomorrow's exploits.... Full Description

CTS1120  Fundamentals of Information Security  3.0   P
This course provides a comprehensive overview of the essential concepts of information security including information security standards, education, professional certifications and compliance laws. It examines how business, government, and individuals operate in the digital world today. Students will gain hands on practice in mitigating security threats including access controls; security operations and administration; auditing, testing and monitoring; risk response and recovery; cryptography; networks and telecommunications; and malicious code and activities.... Full Description

CIS2948  ITE Internship  3.0   O
Instructor Permission Required. This course provides the student with real experience in the field of Information Technology. Students are required to secure their own placements. This includes preparing a resume, a cover letter, and interviewing for a position. An internship requires 100 hours of work at the placement site throughout the semester, to be completed in a manner acceptable to the student, the employer, and the CIS2948 instructor. Experiences are varied but often include: PC repair, network cabling, network monitoring, server installation, user support, web design, entry level programming, database work, and more.... Full Description

CTS1134  Introduction to Networking  3.0   O
The goal of this course is to introduce networking technologies. Students will also be introduced to the objectives of both CompTIA's Network+ exams. This course covers a wide range of material about networking, from careers in networking to local area networks, wide area networks, protocols, topologies, transmission media, and security. It not only introduces a variety of concepts, but also discusses in-depth the most significant aspects of networking such as the TCP/IP Protocol Suite. In addition to explaining concepts, the course uses a multitude of real-world examples of networking issues from a professional's standpoint, making it a practical preparation for the real world.... Full Description

CTS2142  IT Project Management  3.0   P
The student will gain comprehensive knowledge of the methods, tools and techniques related to successful management of an IT project. Topics such as agile development, innovative teams and people skills will be covered in addition to the traditional elements of the IT Project Management Framework. This course is taught in a collaborative learning laboratory designed to give students experience with participating in a collaborative IT project team.... Full Description

CTS2327  Windows Desktop  3.0   O
This course will cover the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is designed to prepare students to manage Microsoft Windows desktop operating system on a network environment. Students will learn to install, configure, customize, optimize, and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows desktop. This course is intended for those who support or administer Microsoft Windows desktop.... Full Description

CTS1939  Special Topics     O
This course is an introductory course that will be used to introduce new technologies that will allow our students to be current with the needs of the local workforce.... Full Description

CET2661C  Computer and Network Security  3.0   O
This course will cover some of the Security+ objectives in depth including: network security such as configuring firewalls, access control lists, VPN's, and configuring authentication protocol services such as RADIUS. Topics from secure network design, configuration and administration of wired and wireless networks will be discussed. Mobile device security and mitigation techniques are also highlighted. This course is one of two courses to assist students in preparing for the intermediate security industry certification of CompTIA Security+.... Full Description

CTS2328  Windows Server  3.0   O
This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to install, configure, customize and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows Server in an enterprise-wide Microsoft-based network. This course is intended for those who support or administer Microsoft Windows Server or who are pursing Microsoft Certification.... Full Description

CET1610  Introduction to Router Theory and Router Technologies  3.0   O
Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or internet service provider (ISP) uses small and medium business and enterprise sized networks to take concepts such as IP addressing, switching, routing, wide area network (WAN) technologies, and security to the next level. As the complexity and size of the network grows, associated concepts such as routing protocols, enterprise switching, and network performance are introduced. The first two courses prepare the students for the Cisco CCENT certification for entry level network technicians, an optional first step toward earning the CCNA certification.... Full Description

CTS2939  Special Topics     O
This course is an advanced level course will be used to introduce new technologies that will allow our students to be current with the needs of the local workforce.... Full Description

CET2883C  Network Security Advanced  3.0   O
This course will build on network security fundamentals, explores data communications, networking and network security and examines concepts of modern computer security from a practical point of view to prepare students to work in the security area of computer technologies.... Full Description

CIS1254  Professional Development for IT  3.0   O
This course is designed for IT majors and prepares students for transition into employment by providing practical applications in today's business environment. Through lectures, group collaboration, case studies, service projects and presentations, the student is equipped to effectively manage projects while exposed to best practices used in the industry. Included in the course will be resume writing for the Internet, work ethics, team building, business communications, time management, and developing skills in training non-technical people.... Full Description

CIS2619  Design Software  3.0   P
This course is designed to involve security in the planning and delivery of software systems. This extends from the management of a project to the implementation of projects primarily or partially comprised of software. From basic terminology to an understanding of the situation that security professionals and developers face in the current climate of cybercrime and rampant malicious software will be covered.... Full Description

CTS1131  Computer Essentials  3.0   P
This course covers basic concepts in PC management and small office networking. Concepts covered include; basics of computer components, peripheral devices, data storage, networking, printing, mobile devices, security, system management and Windows installation. Concepts will be taught via an online instructional system utilizing extensive computer-based simulations. This is a blended course, which combines online instruction with an instructor facilitated lab sessions.... Full Description

CTS2322  Linux Administration 2  3.0   O
Students learn to utilize many of Linux's Internet services. Topics include installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining DNS, DHCP, FTP, HTTP, POP3, S MTP, MySQL, and PHP server software.... Full Description

CET1600  Cisco Networking Fundamentals  3.0   O
Networking for Home and Small Businesses uses a small/home office (SOHO) network to introduce some basic networking concepts such as cabling, addressing, wireless, and security, and teaches students how to plan, deploy, and troubleshoot a small network. Students will also learn router configuration commands.... Full Description

CET2620  Cisco Network Security  3.0   O
This course prepares students to design, implement, and support secure network infrastructure. The course uses both independent and group projects to introduce the necessary skills to obtain a Cisco CCNA Security certification. An integrated case study presents critical thinking scenarios to help students develop skills such as analyzing business objectives, determining technical requirements and constraints, planning timelines and resources, and preparing and delivering customer presentations. The four course Cisco Networking Academy curriculum helps students prepare for the industry standard CCNA certification exam. This course will also assist students in preparing for the Cisco certification exams (ICND1 and ICND2).... Full Description