Course Descriptions
2022-2023 School Year

GEA2000  World Regional Geography  3.0   P
This course is a general introductory survey with comparisons of geographic and political regions of the world. This loosely translates into the study of countries of the world. The major focus of this course is to increase awareness of the student to the spatial organization of political regions: location of major countries, cities and physical features of the world through the eyes of a geographer. The primary General Education learning outcome for this course is Global Socio-Cultural Responsibility: Demonstrate an understanding of pluralism/diversity in the world community and an awareness of civic and social participation and ethical and informed decision making.... Full Description

GEO2200C  Physical Geography  3.0   P
This course is an introduction to the systematic study of the field of physical geography using Geographic Information Science (GIS). The student will master the terminology, general concepts, and relationships between the atmosphere, the biosphere, the lithosphere, and the hydrosphere. As a college level writing intensive course, GEO2200C allows students to explore a geographic knowledge base through a variety of college-level writing assignments that will include essay exams, book reviews, research papers, reaction papers, research proposals, research designs, annotated bibliographies, and other discipline specific writing. The course is also GIS enhanced and will provide students with practical laboratory experience. The primary General. Full Description

GEO2420  Cultural Geography  3.0   P
A general introductory course which studies how man, through acquisition, diffusion and modification of culture, has altered the physical environment of the earth to create the landscapes associated with human occupation of the earth's surface.... Full Description