Course Descriptions
2022-2023 School Year

NUR3145  Pharmacology  3.0   B
This course builds on the principles of pharmacology learned in the AS Level. Pharmacokinetic factors in drug therapy are examined in relation to the major body systems and management of client health. The pharmacological aspects of nursing care are integrated using the nursing process.... Full Description

NUR4827  Nursing Leadership and Management  3.0   B
This course prepares the nurse to coordinate and manage client care in diverse health care settings. Emphasis is placed on leadership and management theories and related skills. The focus is on collaboration, delegation, coordination, evaluation of multi-disciplinary work, and the application of outcome-based nursing practice.... Full Description

NUR3065C  Advanced Health Assessment  3.0   B
This course focuses on the complete health assessment, nursing process, health behaviors education, and disease detection throughout the life span. This is an introduction to health history-taking methods, physical examination skills, health promotion techniques, and clinical assessment tools. Students will be provided the opportunity to: complete health histories, perform physical examinations, and document findings through the use of an online physical assessment tool.... Full Description

NUR4636C  Community Health Nursing  3.0   B
This course emphasizes community health nursing practice. Diverse multicultural, social, and environmental factors that influence health will be studied. Students will focus on health promotion, disease prevention, health protection, health teaching and counseling, and coordinator of care as the nursing process is applied across the life span to clients with multidimensional health needs in a variety of community settings.... Full Description

NUR4837  Globalization of Health Care: Health Care Finance  3.0   B
Students in this course will examine health care systems, service delivery, factors influencing care and policy decisions, health disparities, and evidence-based care at local, state, national, and global levels. Students will explore globalization in nursing with a focus on national and global health care needs and social justice in relationship to health care systems and policy. This course also introduces students to financial concepts and management as they apply to health services, providing a foundation for the analysis of the current state of health care organizations.... Full Description

NUR3805  Transitions to Professional Nursing  3.0   B
This course is a general survey course that provides a brief introduction to key topics that will be presented in a BSN program. It helps the nurse to delineate professional nursing through subject areas that are taught at the bachelor's level. The focus will be on the role of the nurse as the leader and manager of his or her practice and allows reflection on current and state of practice.... Full Description

NUR3165  Nursing Research  3.0   B
This course is designed to introduce the student to nursing research: its history, terminology, and steps in the research process. The need for nursing research as a basis for practice is emphasized. Students are expected to identify research questions relevant to clinical practice. Students are expected to become beginning consumers of research by learning steps to critique nursing research.... Full Description

NUR3655  Culture in Nursing  3.0   B
This course will explore philosophical commonalities and differences found in various cultures that may impact the health and health beliefs of clients. Additionally, this course will explore the nurse's role in providing culturally sensitive care.... Full Description

NUR4684C  Population-Based Nursing Across the Life Span  3.0   B
The intent of this course is to provide an understanding of nursing care to diverse populations in the community setting by incorporating principles of individual, family, and population-centered nursing, epidemiology, environmental health, health promotion, disease prevention, and disease management.... Full Description

NUR4826  Foundations of Nursing: Ethics  3.0   B
The course explores the theories, models, and principles that serve as guides for ethically sound decision making and behavior of the professional nurse. The role that values, beliefs systems, the legal system and moral awareness play in bioethical decision making will be discussed. Case studies of potential and actual ethical issues and dilemmas arising in nursing practice are analyzed using critical thinking in a framework of ethical and legal decision-making.... Full Description

NUR4945  BSN Capstone  3.0   B
This course is designed to offer students the opportunity to apply newly developed skills and to relate theoretical content, as presented in previous BSN courses, to real practice situations. This practice experience helps to further prepare students for a professional nursing role. This course includes 45 hours of practice experience (32 hours direct/13 hours indirect). Practice experience is designed to help the students integrate, synthesize, and apply the concepts and skills learned throughout the BSN program. Students are required to work with a practice site leader to select a project that reflects the studentís ability to employ effective communication and collaboration skills, promote evidence-based practice and patient centered ca Full Description