Course Descriptions
2023-2024 School Year

SPC2608  Public Speaking  3.0   P
This course introduces students to the art and practice of public speaking as it has emerged through history to its present status today. Students complete extemporaneous speeches with a variety of rhetorical purposes, and emphasis is placed on methods of adapting messages to heterogeneous audiences. The course offers the rhetorical analysis and performance skills components to ensure that students can both critically analyze and orally present thoughts.... Full Description

SPC2300  Interpersonal Communication  3.0   P
Interpersonal Communication introduces students to the theories and practice of one-to-one (dyadic) interpersonal communication, both face-to-face and mediated (through digital, mobile, and internet technology), as well as interpersonal communication between people across cultural and national borders. Upon successful completion of the course, students are expected to understand basic interpersonal communication theories and concepts, to analyze and evaluate interpersonal communication processes, to identify cultural factors and communication barriers, and to be able to apply communication strategies to various everyday situations, including relationship maintenance and conflict resolution.... Full Description

SPC2656  Professional Public Speaking  3.0   P
This course provides an opportunity for each student to become a subject matter expert (SME) in a specific topic for the purpose of speaking or lecturing at length on that topic in front of appropriate audiences. The student will devote the entire semester to researching, learning about, and then expounding upon a single subject which holds personal significance for the student and direct applicability either to society at large or to the professional field which the student hopes to enter upon graduation. This process will incorporate an overview of mass communication, in the context of which the student will utilize components of social media and the internet as means of disseminating the information which the student will master in this. Full Description